Welcome to Financially Wise!

The more I live my life and the more I speak with people, the more I realise that our education system has let us down in a fundamental area.

We are not taught how to look after our finances.  Very rarely is financial education part of the general curriculum.  Our schools, colleges and universities more often than not fail to teach us even the basics of good money management and investing.

And this perpetuates itself throughout the generations.  As the vast majority of our parents have also not been educated in financial matters, they pass on their unintentional ignorance and lack of basic financial principles down to their children.  Who then pass it down to theirs.  And so the cycle continues.

I myself learned this costly lesson the hard way and it made me determined to educate myself.  And I would now like to share some of the financial tips, tricks and knowledge that I have picked up through my own education, with you.